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Customization Options For New Construction Homes

New construction homes come with several benefits. Most of them use contemporary materials, come with warranties, and have their best years still ahead. Best of all, you can customize your new construction home to your liking. However, the possibility and extent of new home customization can vary by type.

Below are the main customization options for new construction properties.

Custom Home

With a custom home project, the homeowner works directly with the builder on every aspect of the construction. You can even have your own architect if you wish. You determine the house's design, plan, layout, and finish. In short, nothing happens without your say-so. Below are some specific details that you, as the buyer, get to determine:

The level of customization for these projects suits those who are detail-oriented and prefers to be hands-on with their projects. Choose a custom home if you don't want to compromise  on the smallest detail of your house. A custom home project can give you your dream home. However, the project might take a longer time due to too many decisions.

Spec Home

A speculative (spec) home is the opposite of a custom home in that the builder has complete authority over the construction decisions. The builder constructs the home according to their specifications and hands it to you as is. The common specifications are what the average homebuyer would want in a house.

You cannot change any part of the house during the construction period, even if you buy it before completion. If you want to make any changes, like relocate a bathroom, you'll have to buy the house and make the changes later. Spec homes tend to have good resale values due to their broad appeal.

Semi-Custom Home

A semi-custom home is a hybrid between a custom and spec home. In this case, the builder provides you with multiple designs that have materials that are readily available. The designs are typically those that the builder has constructed in the past. You choose a design and work with the builder to customize the smaller details.

For example, the builder may give you a custom floor plan and allow you to choose the type of materials and finishes for the plan. A semi-custom home makes sense if you want to personalize your home but don't have the time to specify every detail.

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