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Three Cleaning Tips When Selling A Property

Selling a property is always a huge decision. You need to make sure your house looks nice for potential buyers, passes inspections, and much more. It can be stressful to keep the property looking good at all times, especially if you have young children who make messes. You should create a plan for keeping it relatively clean so it can be presented to interested parties at last minute notice if needed. This is a list of steps you can implement to make the selling process easier on you and your family.

Pack Non-Essentials

Since you are planning to move after the house sells, you can pack up non-essentials prior to moving. This can include items like:

Basically, anything that you don't really need for everyday life can be packed away until moving day. This will lower the amount of clutter and make cleaning a lot easier. You can keep favorite toys and a certain number of outfits unpacked. Place the boxes in the attic, basement, or even a storage facility for the time being.

Deep Clean

Before you list the house for sale, give it one good deep cleaning. You can even hire a professional cleaning company to handle the task for you if it is in your budget. Clean areas that you may have glossed over throughout the years. You want everything to be spotless when the real estate agent is taking the pictures of the property and when potential buyers walk through it. Once the house has been deep cleaned, it will be easier to keep it that way and just do basic scrubbing until moving day.

Make a Schedule

Make a cleaning schedule and stick to it. Each day of the week, pick one room and clean it. Do basic picking up in the other rooms every day. Keep a basket on the stairs for each kid. When you find items that belong to them throughout the house, put it in their basket. At the end of cleaning, each kid takes their basket upstairs and puts their items back where they belong. Keep the toys contained to one room if the children are too little to pick up their own belongings. It will make cleaning up quicker.


For more tips on selling the house, you should hire a real estate agent and ask them for advice. Each house is unique and there are certain things you can do to highlight the selling points for your home.