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Selling Your Luxury Home? Make Sure To Highlight These Nearby Attractions

When you sell any home, you're selling more than the dwelling itself. While the house and property are arguably the most important thing that prospective buyers are evaluating, they're also thinking about the immediate and extended neighborhood in which the house is situated. In the luxury housing market, you likely want to make sure that each desirable attribute of your house is highly evident, but you should also take the time with your real estate agent to put together some information about nearby attractions. The attractions that you list shouldn't be run-of-the-mill locations; rather, they should also suit the luxury mindset. Here are some examples.

Private Schools

Many families that buy luxury real estate have the financial means to send their children to private school. Perhaps you've taken this approach, too, while living in your luxury home. Either way, you should make sure that you bring the presence of any private schools in the area to the attention of prospective buyers. This means listing the names of the private schools in your online house listings, as well as mentioning the distance between your house and each private school. If your agent wishes to have handouts available at the open house, brochures from the private schools might be enticing.

High-End Shopping

Many homes have shopping options nearby, but you shouldn't necessarily be highlighting the close proximity of average big-box stores when you're trying to sell a luxury home. Instead, consider if there are any high-end shopping locations near where you live, and don't be afraid to cite some of the brands in your real estate listing. Affluent people gravitate toward a series of designer brands in many cases, which means that including them in your listing can often catch buyers' attention.

Recreational Facilities

If your luxury home for sale is situated near a golf course, private marina, or luxury country club, you'll also want to remember to highlight these details. These, too, are places from which you may wish to pick up brochures to have available at your open house. Those who are in the market for luxury housing will often be interested in knowing what upscale recreational facilities are nearby, and the more that you can highlight such locations, the more enticing your home will be for buyers. Speak to your real estate agent about any other luxury-focused locations in the area and have a plan for publicizing them to your prospective buyers.