Understanding Real Estate

Check The Levelness Of These Areas In A Home You're Thinking About Buying

When you're evaluating things at an open house, it's easy to forget to check certain things because you're so focused on taking everything in. It can be helpful, therefore, to put together a list of the details that you wish to assess during this opportunity. One often-forgotten thing to assess is how level several different elements in the house are. You may wish to take a bubble level with you, use a bubble level app on your smartphone, or even take a small ball to check how level things are in a different way. If you notice things that aren't level, you'll wish to discuss them with your real estate agent and a home inspector. Here are some areas that you'll want to check when home buying.


You should never take for granted that the floor in the house is level. Even if it feels level underfoot, this isn't always the case. Place your level or level app on the floor or, if you've decided to pack a ball for the job, simply set the ball down and notice if it rolls. Try placing the ball in different areas to see if it always rolls the same direction. An uneven floor can be a sign of a simple issue such as a problem during installation, or a larger issue such as foundation damage that has caused the house to shift over time.


It's also important to check the levelness of the countertops throughout the home. Set your level or ball on the kitchen countertop, moving it to different locations as necessary, as well as the kitchen island, and bathroom countertop. You want to see that these things are level. If not, you can run into issues such as a spill on the kitchen counter running off onto the floor. Countertops that aren't level are a sign of poor installation.


Poorly installed stairs can sometimes not be level. The worst scenario to encounter is bare wood stair treads that slope downward slightly. This issue is easy to assess with your level or with your ball. Sloped stair treads can be an issue because they can pose a safety threat for people hurrying down the stairs in sock feet, as it can be easier to slip and fall. Assessing each of these level-related details before you decide how to proceed with the house can ensure that you don't encounter any surprises upon buying it.